Call of Duty Mobile For Android and iOS is Coming Soon

Call of Duty Mobile For Android and iOS is Coming Soon

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You have heard of the popular Battle Royale Game PUBG Mobile. It seems that PUBG Mobile is soon having a stiff competition in the Mobile gaming Arena. Call of Cuty Mobile for Android and iOS is coming out soon. The PC version of Call of Duty has been around for a while and has been the favourite of many gaming enthusiasts. Activision Publishing Inc. is now preparing to launch it’s greatest release of all time- Call of Duty Mobile. The game is expected to be in many ways similar to PUBG Mobile, such as high and detailed graphics, interesting gameplay and most of all, free! Let’s see what the developer has to say.

Call of Duty Mobile Pre-Registration Starts

The official website of COD Mobile has now displayed its pre-registration link all over their homepage. Here is the link for Android Users. iPhone users do not have the option for pre-registration at Appstore at the moment. However, we hope that the game will certainly be released for both Android and iOS at the same time.

Call of Duty Mobile for Android and iOS

So if one pre-registers, he may get an invitation to the early access programme. That simply means you will get to try out the game before being made available to the general public.

Call of Duty Mobile is Free to Play

Yes! Exactly what every gamer and fans would love to hear. Call of Duty Mobile will be made Free for everyone. That means you won’t have to purchase to download, install and play COD Mobile. Nothing invites more users than a free game, does it? The developers seem to get the first basic thing right by making the game free. However, it is expected that there certainly will be in-game purchases, upgrades and other purchasable items which players will have to buy with real money. This feature of COD Mobile is expected to be similar to PUBG Mobile or any other games for that matter.

Will there be FPP and TPP Modes of Gameplay?

The FAQ section of the official website did mention about FPP mode. Let’s wait and see. A TPP Mode is definitely a good option to be included if it is really going to take on PUBG Mobile. The game will feature familiar characters and weapons similar to those of COD: Black Ops and COD: Modern Warfare.

Call of Duty Mobile

When Can You Download the Game?

Here’s an extract from the official website on where to download COD Mobile.

” Over the coming months we will be releasing pre-launch Betas for fans who pre-register to continue optimizing the experience and fine-tuning the game. Pre-registration is now available on Google Play and on this site for a chance to be included in these groups. Once we have publicly launched the game it will be free to download on Google Play and on the iOS App Store. “

The actual date of launch of Call of Duty Mobile is not yet known. But they have promised that announcements and more updates will be out in the coming months. We can’t wait to try out.

What is the Minimum Device Specification Required for COD Mobile?

The developers are working on it and the game will be optimized for high end smartphones. They are also planning to make it compatible and playable in as many devices as possible. With that in mind, it will not be much of a hit if only some high end Smartphones support the game. There are many millions of Mobile gamers who use entry level to mid range smartphones to play their favourite games everyday. So either COD Mobile team put sufficient effort in optimizing for lower end phones or they will not receive much download. PUBG Mobile has exploded with huge success since its launch last year. The game is now celebrating its 1 year anniversary and it will definitely be a real challenge to take on PUBG Mobile at it’s zenith of success. Only time will tell.

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