Download Call of Duty Mobile Free

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The popular War Battle PC game Call of Duty has come to Mobile Platform now. Earlier Activision has announced that they are working on Call of Duty Mobile, in view of the exponential rise in Mobile Gamers in recent times. Where can I download Call of Duty Mobile Apk? This is now one of the most searched phrase among the gamers online at this time. We will guide you through on how to download Call of Duty mobile in this post.

Download Call of Duty Mobile Free

Download COD Mobile Free

The official link is now available at Google playstore. Download Call of Duty Mobile at the link given below.

Application/Game: Call of Duty Mobile

Developer: Activision Puhlishing Inc

Application Size: Size varies with device

Last Update: December 12, 2018

Content Rating: Suitable for 16+

Here’s the official COD Mobile Game Trailer in HD

Download COD Mobile Here.

Download COD Mobile Free

Call of Duty Mobile Game Modes

In this adrenaline filled head-to-head multiplayer game, you can enjoy the game modes in different maps and your fan-favourite modes and work your way up to be the best. The end shall justify the means! There are several maps and modes that you can play. This includes the Call of Duty: Black Ops as well as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. On top of these will be a Unique Battle Royale experience, as assured by Activision.

There will be ranking and clan system where you can climb up the ladder fast with your skill and experience. Call of Duty Mobile is not just an ordinary Battle Royale game you have played.

Graphics of COD Mobile

Highly optimized graphics that’s suitable for most budget to high end smartphones is the promise of the time. The first person shooter game will feature superior graphics which will eventually up the overall gaming environment and feel. So why wait? Download COD Mobile now and try it out once. You will get so hooked to it that your most time spent on gaming will be no other than COD Mobile.

Call of Duty Mobile graphics

Internet Connection to Play After COD Mobile Download

JIO has redefined the usage of Mobile Internet in India and one need not worry about it anymore. After you download Call of Duty Mobile, you will still need to maintain an active connection to play the game. Since it is an online multi-player game that is synchronised with the servers just like PUBG Mobile, you will only be able to play online. Play with real players all around the world and show off your skills. Who knows your experience in the Royale Battle games will pay here? With an active internet connection, you will receive notifications on offers and deals on the in game purchases. However, one can disable the features as well.

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